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by Frank Verni

THINK AND GROW WEALTH is an absolute MUST HAVE for anybody in real estate. How do investors take their ideas and turn them into cash flow? We will show you. How do investors get wealthy and stay wealthy? We will show you that too.

Frank Verni – Real Estate Broker/ Investor

Frank Verni - Top Real Estate Investor and Coach

Frank Verni offers the highest level of real estate investing, marketing and sales in the Sacramento Region and the Bay Area to help his clients secure their financial future. After speaking with hundreds, if not thousands of people, Frank has found that the vast majority had zero net worth with no plans or knowledge how to build one.

As a licensed Real Estate Broker, President of a Residential Solutions and Redevelopment Company, and Real Estate Trainer for over 20 years, Frank is passionate about teaching his clients how to make savvy Real Estate decisions! 

Frank has appeared several times on “the Good Life” radio program in Sacramento and is currently hosting a very popular radio show called “Investor Profits Now.”  His listening audience continues to grow to over twenty five thousand weekly as he continues to share his experience and knowledge teaching financial literacy and various real estate investing techniques and strategies.

As a coach, Frank mentors his followers on how to use the banks money to pay off their debt (including their mortgage) in 1/3 the time, pay less taxes, and better prepare for their retirement using real estate as a tool without changing their lifestyle or spending habits.  The show has quickly become a huge success in the Sacramento region and will soon be syndicated in other markets including Seattle, Atlanta, and Phoenix, to name a few. Frank also does live seminars throughout the Sacramento and Bay Area markets.

Frank and his team specialize in finding solutions for people who are in the market to either buy or sell property as an investment quickly for any reason. His team has experience with all types of buying and selling scenarios and understands how to make every transaction simple and stress free offering solutions to meet the client’s needs. He is able to make fair, cash offers and close quickly no matter the size, location, or condition.

 “With Real Estate appreciation projected between 5% - 6.5% and mortgage rates at 3.75% - 4.5%, I believe Real Estate continues to be one of the top investments to create wealth and financial security in the future,” says Frank. 

Frank advises that, “another reason to look at Real Estate, is the regulations that have been strangling the Real Estate market under Dodd-Frank will loosen up under the Trump administration, allowing for more self-employed borrowers to get qualified; couple that with job growth and increased wages, and you will see renters and move up buyers enter back into the home purchase market. Soon people will be buying second homes, vacation homes, and rental properties”.  

The timing for an entrepreneur to create an income from Real Estate could not be better.  Frank is building a sales team to launch new strategies to learn and acquire real estate.  The ideal candidate has an opportunity to create dual income, by selling, training and coaching programs while learning how to invest in Real Estate to create a secondary income. 

Most Real Estate Training Programs are very expensive, somewhat pushy, full of hype, and do not offer live coaching and local mentorship from successful Real Estate Investors.  It is the mentorship and coaching that produces a higher student success rate.  Frank has teamed up with a top Real Estate Coaching Company to offer strong mentorship and live coaching to his followers and clients.

To learn more about how you can create a secondary income from home and get out of the rat race to secure a better future while learning how to invest in real estate… make an appointment with Frank.